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Questions and Answers about Spermomax


Question: Where does Spermomax ship from?

Answer: Spermomax is shipped from Christ Church New Zealand

Question: How soon will my order arrive?

Answer: We ship world wide using air mail. Most shipments arrive to the united states within 5 days, however it can sometimes take up to 12 days.

Question: Can i get it any faster

Answer: Yes, for faster delivery we can upgrade you to courier for an additional $30. If you would like to be upgraded Please contact our support team

Question: Will anyone know I ordered this product?

Answer: Absolutely Not! Spermomax is shipped in a plain unmarked package.

Question: What about my billing statement?

Answer: Nothing on your billing statement will reference our website, or the name, or type of product purchased.

On your credit card statement you should see: ETECHMEDIA NZ
Thats us.

Usage: Directions:

Question: How do you take Spermomax?

Answer: Spermomax should be taken twice daily. Once in the morning, and once in the evening. Spermomax works best if taken with 2 large glasses of water. Take 1/2 hour before or after eating.

Questions: Is Spermomax Safe?

Answer: Yes, Spermomax is an herbal dietary supplement. If taken as directed it has no known side effects. If you desire you can take up to 4 pills per day. But never exceed 4 doses in one day

Question: How long does it take Spermomax to work

Answer: You should see some results right away, such as increased libido. However Spermomax works best after it's given time to build up in your system. For instance, After about 2 weeks you will see about double your current sperm production. However, after 3-6 months you should see an increase of up to 500% more sperm per ejaculation.


Question: What type of guarantee do I get?

Answer: Of Course! We are so confident in the quality and effectiveness of Spermomax. We offer a full 60 day money back guarantee. We will refund you on any number of unopened bottles, and up to 1 open bottle. Even if it's completely empty. Please contact our support team if you need to make a return.

Guaranteed For 60 Days or Your Money Back


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